Tips for Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

If you're someone who suffers from dry eye, you want soothing relief as fast as you can get it. The most common forms of treatment for dry eye symptoms include:

Minimize drying: avoid dry environments, such as an overheated room, or exposure to wind or smoke. When outdoors, wearing wraparound glasses can help reduce the drying effect of the wind.

Over the Counter (OTC):

Artificial tears: these comfort your eyes by supplementing natural tears, and in many cases may be sufficient to help relieve symptoms of dry eye. See the complete line of Bausch + Lomb Soothe products to help you decide which one might work best for you.

Lipid layer/emollient (lubricant) therapy: The lipid layer helps seal in moisture at the aqueous layer, which helps prevent tears from evaporating. Unlike most lubricant drops that do not target the lipid layer, Soothe XP is lipid-layer therapy that:

  • Moisturizes through tear replacement to
    • Protect against tear loss at the aqueous layer
    • Restore the lipid layer of tears.

Your doctor may recommend:

Prescription (Rx):

Prescription eye drops: In some types of dry eye, this can stimulate the production of natural tears.


Plugs may be inserted to block the drainage path of tears, or the tear ducts may be permanently closed with a surgical procedure.

Your eye care professional can evaluate your eye condition to determine if it is dry eye and help you decide on a treatment that may help relieve your dry eye symptoms.

Bausch + Lomb Eye Care Expert Fact:

Make sure your computer screen is 20"-24" away from your eyes and that the top of the screen is slightly below eye level. Remember to blink frequently. These expert tips will help you to minimize eye stress. A few changes in your daily life can be helpful!